Scrum Master Emergency Kit

The other day at work, I was asked to moderate an impromptu meeting and while I gathered markers and stickie notes to rush to the meeting, I thought how nice it would be to have a ready-packed kit. Something to just grab and you’re good to go for basic moderation.

As white boards and flip charts are a bit to large for something rightfully called a “kit” here’s a stylized version of what my Scrum Master Emergency Kit would look like:

Scrum Master Emergency Kit - Bright'n'Shiny-Edition
Edition “Bright’n’Shiny”

Sticky notes, magnets, board marker – That’s it. For the more understated and / or serious among you, here’s the same in sedated colors:

Scrum Master Emergency Kit - Black matte-Edition
Edition “Black matte”

What would your kit look like? What do you need all the time?

PS: Of course a scrum master’s physical tools are less important than her skill set. What I use all the time in that department, you can reverse engineer from my Top 5 books for scrum masters.

PPS: I hereby put the images under a CC-BY-license. BTW, the font is called Sansation.