What is this “Agile Mindset” anyway?

Examples for an agile mindset
Examples for an agile mindset

UPDATE 2013: There’s a condensed, infographic-y version here

If you’re new to the agile world, what are behaviors to look for? In the chart you find examples of what I deem “agile” and “not quite so agile” behavior.

These are, of course, completely subjective! Also I think there are rather too many scales. What would you change? Which are superfluous?

PS: Be sure to also watch Linda Rising’s keynote on this topic. She concentrates on the “success through effort” vs. “fixed” aspect.

PPS: Here’s the document on Google, if you want to export it.

Update: See this article by Johanna Rothmann for some questions you can ask during a job interview to check for a Lean mindset (via Matthias Bohlen).