Mail-Skills: Methods for new Product Owners

mail-skillsAt the moment Scrum is extremely popular in Germany. In meet ups there are often newly minted Product Owners or people wanting to become a Product Owner. And they all look for orientation: What is expected of them? What skills do they need for this new role?

Despite the high demand, there’s not that much structured information out there, especially compared to other Scrum roles.

Given that a good PO is crucial to a Scrum team’s success, I sat down with Chris, who’s been a PO for many years. Together we brainstormed on topics that would be beneficial for fledgling POs to know about. Then we sorted them into two piles:
* “Skills / Methods / Actionable stuff” such as User Story format, Story Mapping, …
* “Debatable / No definite answer on that” such as Estimation units, what happens with Technical Stories, …

For all the former topics, the more hands-on skills, we’re currently creating an email course: If you sign up, you get 1 email per week with a method that’s relevant to Product Owners and the single, best link about that topic we can find.

Sounds good? We’re merely a week away from launching. If you want to be among the first to become more knowledgable POs, sign up for the free course over at: