Thank God it’s Open Friday – Agile 2015

[This post is one of many sparked by Agile 2015.]

Oh wow, back from Agile 2015. My first Agile. What a ride, so full of impressions and met so many interesting people! I feel about a gazillion blog posts coming on πŸ™‚

But for starters, here’s the paper for my talk “Thank God it’s Open Friday!”. I recommend the paper over the slides, because it’s self-contained. The slides miss a lot of commentary, even with speaker notes.

What is this “Open Friday” thing you ask?

“Every other Friday all employees in our company hold an Open Space. It’s how we spread knowledge, solve problems, gather ideas and superseded meetings.” – Me, 2015
Update: Here are the questions people have asked me about Open Friday. The answers, too πŸ˜‰