Sketchnotes from Agile 2015

[This post is one of many sparked by Agile 2015.]

Note taking helps me to stay focused on a presentation or meeting. I used to produce loads of densely scribbled sheets that I never looked at again, because I couldn’t find the pertinent points anyway. For Agile 2015 I decided to go the extra mile and sketchnote: to add icons and arrange all information visually. This way I can tell one note from the other, I’m likely to remember more and to actually look at my notes. And they’re likely to be pretty:

Sketchnote for Luke Hohmann’s keynote on “Super Awesome Problems”

Before Agile 2015, with just 1 sketchnote under my belt, I would not have considered myself a sketchnoter. I mean, heck, I can’t draw to save my life (just look at the hand below). But I did train Bikablo for flipcharts and arranged loads of information for Wall-Skills. It seems to have carried over.

Sketchnote for Jessie Shternshus’ keynote on “Individuals, Interactions & Improv”

So now, yes, I do consider myself a sketchnoter! Not a particularly good one, but at least an inspiring one: Shoutout to Tim, Rob, and Kimberly – Have fun! Can’t wait to see yours!

Sketchnote on “Coaching Flow” by Esther Derby and Mike Lowery

BTW, I wasn’t the only sketchnoter:

Sketchnote for Ellen Grove’s highly engaging workshop “Games to learn about Conflict Resolution”

If you’d like to know more about Sketchnotes, check out Mike Rohde’s book. Don’t get analysis paralysis, though. Just start to sketchnote. It takes practise but and It’s fun!

PS: If you’d like to know my tricks, here they are:

Sketchnote about sketchnotes. Can you say “meta”?