Radical Gratitude Applied

One lucky person

2 weeks ago I read a nice piece about how to be luckier overnight: Being grateful about adverse things changes your perspective. I really liked it and have tried to do this more conciously. Admittedly, there are a few things I refuse to be grateful for in any way whatsoever, but for most nuisances in my life I can find many aspects to be genuinely grateful about.

Yesterday my bike wheel got stuck in tram tracks and I banged up my knee, wrist and face. Here’s what I’m profoundly grateful for:

  • There was no tram or car behind me when I crashed
  • I haven’t found a child bike seat yet, so I did not have my little one with me
  • Health insurance will cover the ambulance, stitch and x-ray. At no point in time did I have to worry about money
  • There are people working when others are party-ing (It was the first day of Carnival – major party all day. And no, I hadn’t had any alcohol. I was completely sober.)
  • No permanent damage (maybe a mini scar next to the eye)
  • I can easily afford new glasses
  • There were 5+ passengers helping me
  • I’m not a single parent so I could call my husband to pick up our daughter from daycare

I’m a very, very lucky person! Take care!

PS: If you end up to be a helper in a similar situation here’s 2 things I would have wished for: 1) Not to have a tiny dog bark in my face while I’m laying on the pavement on the verge of passing out and 2) for at least one of my helpers to kneel. When you’re laying on the ground you look at a wall of shins. Shins are not friendly.

These are optimizations on a high level. I’m very grateful so many people tried to help!