Is this blog dead?

Let me check: Last post is from August 2018. More than a year ago. Wow, that’s worse than I expected. And that post isn’t even there anymore. It moved over to I guess that settles it, this blog is dead 🙁

It’s not for a lack of topics. I’ve got about 10 drafts and at least another 30 topic ideas I’d like to write about. sipgate (my employer) is a huge source of inspiration! I find something blog-worthy almost every day.

Alas, a day has 24 hours. I’ve got a job and 2 kids and very little energy left once these are taken care of. For a while there it got really bad. The only reason I’m not burned out right now is my excellent doctor (thank you Dr. Enzel!). She practically threw herself in front of me with a big red flashing stop sign.

So yeah, I’m doing much less these days and I’m doing much better. If I figure out a way how my side projects can sustain themselves (i.e. earn money so that I can reduce hours at my real job), I’d love to return to blogging, Retromat and 1-page summaries.

I probably won’t blog here, though. All content related to retrospectives and facilitation will eventually end up on Give me another 5 years (give or take) to move it over …

As for the other posts… No clue where they’ll go yet. I might create a personal website. I’ve already bought Now I just need to figure out what I want to do with the site. In the end will forward to the new site. One fine day.

I just wanted to make it official. Thank you for your input and coming along for the ride!

All the best, lots of energy and take better care of yourself than I did! Sustainability is key,


PS: Just for the record: My job is not stressful and not to blame for the near-burn-out. In fact, I like all aspects of my life. But when you combine all of them, it’s just to much. Used to be more than 100%. I’m aiming for 80% now. Gotta have some slack!